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Moreton Bay Reef Ambassadors

We think the unique city reefs of Moreton Bay/Quandamooka are truly something to celebrate and protect. But these reefs are still a bit of a hidden secret that deserve to be celebrated, recognised and protected for all to enjoy. Reef Ambassadors are empowered to educate and inspire others about these awesome reefs through community events and projects.

This mecca for marine biodiversity hosts tropical, subtropical and temperate species. All of this incredible diversity lives on the doorstep of Brisbane, a major metropolitan city with more than 2 million people.  Here, within a two hour boat trip you can spend a day with dugongs in seagrass bed expanses, snorkel on stunning reefs or dive with critically endangered marine megafauna. Citizen science and community love for this special place have helped Moreton Bay to achieve world wide recognition with Hope Spot status. 


2018 Ambassadors

Our 2018 Moreton Bay Ambassadors training course has now concluded, and our 18 amazing Ambassadors are now ready to go forth and spread the Reef Check message, educate others, and inspire change in their communities! It was an intense, but fruitful four days, with an incredibly diverse group of passionate reef-minded people, each with a unique skillset and personal background.

Congratulations to all of those who participated. We are so excited to see the wonderful work and projects these inspiring people will do with Reef Check!

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Science Communications

We're currently undertaking a project with Dr Angela Dean from University of Queensland's Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions to tailor, implement and evaluate new communications approaches to help more people connect with the unique subtropical reef communities of Moreton Bay/Quandamooka. 

In August 2017, we ran a Communicating with Impact workshop for our Reef Ambassadors to focus in on incorporating the latest environmental research and communications approaches. Here's what our participants had to say...

"I loved small group brainstorming about specific actions and phrasings to use toward groups pertinent to our own lives. I feel our ideas are achievable if we speak up to our target audiences. This workshop pertained more to my/our realities than other development courses that have message which seem "far away" or have too many steps before they can be acheived."

"A refreshing & wildly useful new slant on how to share our critical message with our stunning part of the world."

Over the next 6 months we'll be trialling some new approaches and undertaking surveys with the people we chat to at community events to understand more about how people are connecting with information. 

This project is proudly supported by Advance Queensland. 


Project history

In late 2015, we put out a call for outstanding individuals to educate their community about all things reef and ocean in Moreton Bay. We were amazed at the response. Its been so invigorating to build this program with such a dedicated, passionate and skilled set of people! 

The pilot program in 2015 was supported by Redland City Council and we are grateful for their support to demonstrate the power of this program for the first time ever. In 2016, we held this program together with pure dedication and volunteer power because we saw the enormous potential. 

We learned a few things along the way, adapted the program to further enhance how we support our Ambassadors to do great work in the community and the program continues to evolve. 




Supported by:

In 2017-18 this project is supported by the Queensland Government's Community Sustainability Action grant program, Port of Brisbane, and Advance Queensland.