Ambassador Activities

What Do Reef Ambassadors Do?

Our Reef Ambassador community outreach and action volunteers help us deliver on our mission to empower more people to protect reefs and oceans. 

Ambassadors apply to the program and undergo training in our citizen science methods, along-side our reef surveyors, and also undertake a weekend workshop crash course in environmental education, project planning, event coordination, and behaviour change approaches.

Our trained volunteers co-develop the program activities in their region, helping us reach out to the community through:

  • Participating in regular community events
  • Organising educational movie screenings
  • Coordination Coast to Coral talk series featuring local coastal and marine topics
  • Being Ocean Action Agents and supporting local conservation projects such as joining The Last Straw and The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef campaigns, promoting sustainability initiatives in their schools and workplaces, 
  • And more--the possibilities are endless! 

The project has evolved since its launch in late 2015 based on feedback from our amazing Ambassadors who step up to do great work. They asked for more help in promoting change in their communities and we listened. Its been so exciting to see this program continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of communities. 

To keep up to date on our ambassador activities, keep an eye on our news and regional pages for all the latest stories!