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Adopt a Coral

Reefs are the heart of our oceans. The structures created by coral provides shelter and food for other marine life. They protect our coasts from pounding waves and provide a living history book buried in their layers.

Reefs are made by tiny living coral polyps, which together help to create some of the largest natural structures on earth.

Our volunteer reef education and monitoring programs embody the concept of many small efforts creating a powerful network for change. Your regular donation through our Adopt a Coral program helps to ensure the sustainability and growth of our programs. 

Our regular giving adoption program includes:

Adopt a Coral Polyp
Adopt a Coral Colony 
Adopt a Coral Bommie


Just like a reef system, we believe in the power of individuals working together to build something bigger.


What Coral are you?

Take our quiz to find out your inner-coral and learn a bit about the coral categories that Reef Check monitors. 

What coral are you?