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Adopt a Coral Colony

Help us build a bigger, better Reef Check community by adopting a Coral Polyp today! Tiny polyps work together to build their home, the Coral Colony. The polyps are intractly linked, sharing food, shelter and stress.  Together they build homes and offer protection to other living creatures, being the architects of coral reefs.

How to Adopt

Benefits of your $25 monthly donation:

  • Your name will be posted on the Reef Check Australia website as an Adopt a Coral Colony supporter 
  • You will receive a Certificate of Support for your adopted coral colony
  • Your donation will support Reef Check Australia citizen science, education and conservation programs.

Clicking the Adopt a Coral Polyp button will direct you to GiveNow to sign up for a $25 monthly giving program. GiveNow makes it easy for you to make a regular or one-off donation, access your donation summaries and print receipts for your annual tax return, making donating simple, secure and straightforward.

Reef Check Australia is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Adopt a coral colony



Thank you to our current Adopt a Coral Colony supporters!

Alex Lea

Ellen Burchell

What Coral are you?

Take our quiz to find out your inner-coral and learn a bit about the coral categories that Reef Check monitors. You can let us know when you sign up through GiveNow if you prefer to specify the type of coral growth form you would prefer for your adopted polyp!

what coral are you?


A reef starts with one polyp

Regular donations help ensure sustainability for our volunteer programs. One-time donations are always welcome, please see our Donation page for how your donation can make a difference.

We believe in the power of individuals working together--thanks for believing in us!

Adopt a coral colony