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We have found that for informational, fun and interactive classroom activities, these links have some GREAT resources.

The Healthy Waterways Australia website is full of downloadable awareness materials including fact sheets and posters looking at the wide array of litter that choke our waterways. They also have an array of online games and activities for kids. It is a great place to start for South East Queensland specific examples, with relevance the world over. Healthy Waterways have a selection of online games for kids to learn about marine debris, in additional to general litter and waste issues.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) leads significant research associated with the impacts of marine debris and presents some interesting case studies for educator to peruse through. The NOAA site also offers excellent scientific resources for both teachers and students. The site presents educational activities for kids, in addition to videos, publications and additional references, as well as great links to other educational resources.

Clean Ocean Action. This site has some fantastic activities for kids of a variety of ages, including colouring in sheets. Learning activities have been broken into age specific activities, making it easy to find age appropriate resources.

Reef Ed offers an array of online resources, available for purchase and download. Check out their REEF BEAT program full of bright and colourful self print materials. They also offer information on how schools can become reef guardians, and help protect reefs through school initiatives.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) offers a variety of information and resources relating to the Australian marine environment, including a section dealing with marine debris. Great for specific Australian examples, and information on a wide variety of threats facing the world's oceans.

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