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May Action of the Month: Pay It Forward

We've been inspired by our amazing Reef Ambassador Tania Kenyon, who decided to hold a raffle to raise funds, in part for Reef Check Australia, to pay it forward after receiving a scholarship from the Layne Beachley Foundation. So our suggested Action of the Month for May is for us all to find a way to "Pay It Forward" - and get our friends and family to do the same.

All you have to do is pick three people in your social circle and do something helpful for them that's also good for the marine environment

So perhaps you might offer to take your neighbour's children to school along with yours to save them time and reduce their fuel emissions. Or buy your mum a re-useable shopping bag so she's ready to ditch single use plastic bags (most states will be plastic bag free from July this year). Or maybe just share some of our handy tips with a friend so they can reduce their energy bills while also helping reduce their environmental impact.

21-27 May is also National Volunteer Week, and their theme this year is "Give a little. Change a lot". We think that ties in pretty darn well with our pay it forward action - let's all volunteer our help in any way we can. If you want to pay it forward by being part of National Volunteer Week, there's lots of ways you can offer your support.

Whatever you choose to do, please let the recipient of your kindness know your reasons, and encourage them to consider paying it forward themselves. And of course, share your actions on your social media and tag Reef Check Australia!

Got some more ideas on how you'll pay it forward this month? Go to our Facebook page and let us know what they are!



Catch Up On Previous ActionsMarch Action of the Month - Leave Us In The Dark!

April Action of the Month: Check in on your plastic use

Sunday 22nd April was Earth Day, and this year it focused on one of the biggest issues facing the environment today – plastic pollution. 
In every square kilometre of ocean, it is estimated that there are 18,000 pieces of plastic, with over 11 billion pieces of plastic debris on coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region alone. Every piece of plastic has potential for devastating effects on our environment, wildlife and even our food chain.

Our suggested Action of the Month for April is to visit the Earth Day Plastic Calculator and start by finding out exactly how much plastic you use each year.  Then use the Plastic Pollution footprint tracker and reduction plan to start reducing your single use plastic consumption. 

Every piece of plastic you don’t use is a step in the right direction – so start making a difference right now!


March 2018 Action

We switched off for Earth Hour on March 24, along with 30,000 others who signed up to participate.

As part of the third International Year of the Reef (IYOR) it's more important than ever to remind people how their energy use impacts on our reefs and oceans. Climate change has been recognised as the greatest threat to the long-term health of reefs around the world.

Earth Hour is an amazing display of solidarity in climate action. Everyday we can each commit to an action that reduces our climate footprint.

Take the first step and try an environmental footprint calculator to estimate your footprint. Then check out RCA's "Help From Home" tips for simple tips to reduce your footprint.


February 2018 Action

Help Reef Check Australia celebrate Valentines Day by taking a few moments to tell us (and everyone else) about an Australian reef that you love.

Let's let everyone know that our reefs and oceans need to be loved and cared for just like we all do!

Just share a photo and a little info about the reef you've chosen on your Instagram or Facebook pages and tag @reefcheckaustralia in the photo.

Let us know where the reef is and why you love it. And don't forget to use hashtags! We recommend #happyvalentinesday #lovethereef #IYOR2018 #reefcheckaustralia.

We're always looking for new sites to survey (and fall in love with) and it might just be that your local reef isn't on our radar yet.

But more importantly, even it's a site we know about or are already monitoring, your friends and followers on social media may not be aware of the amazing marine environment they have right on their doorstep.


Janary 2018 Action

We'd love you to take a few minutes to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in January 2018, to make sure people in your area know about IYOR and how they can help. You can use our template, or you can write your own if you prefer.

Letters to the editor are a great way of reaching people. To give your letter the best chance of being published keep it short and to the point and follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep your letter under 300 words and make clear and simple points.
  • Add your name, address, email and a contact phone number to the bottom of the letter (they won't publish these but they do need them to accept your submission)
  • Put "Letter to the Editor: International Year of the Reef" in the subject line
  • Visit www.newspapers.com.au and enter your town for a list of your local newspapers
  • Look up the email address for sending letters in to your local paper (if you can't find them, please email support@reefcheckaustralia.org and let us know your local paper and we'll help you!)
  • Send and educate!

Please feel free to tweak our suggested letter to make it more locally relevant.


Your Letter to the editor