A Note To Our Amazing Volunteers

October 02, 2018


For years Reef Check Australia has been doing amazing things to help our reefs…and we’ve been able to do it all because of you, our fabulous volunteers. Thank you so much!

You’ve helped us with reef health surveys, underwater and beach clean-ups, film screenings, music festivals, community talks, trivia nights…the list goes on and on.

Our small team of staff do an amazing job coordinating all these activities and with your help have made some incredible things happen.  However, they can’t do it without your support and commitment.  I’d like to ask one small extra thing from you; if you commit to an event please do your best to attend.  The biggest burden on our staff is managing logistics and they struggle if people don’t deliver on their promises. 

We understand that things come up – I missed a wedding once because one of my kids who was a toddler at the time dug up a dogs’ bone from our sandpit and ate it – so we get it! We appreciate your efforts, we appreciate as much notice as possible if something does come up and of course we appreciate your smiling faces at our events.

Thanks to you all.

Richard Coleman, Chair of the Board



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