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Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans

How does your gift help?

Your donation directly funds our citizen science, education and conservation programs (Check out our 2017 Year in Review to learn more). Our top priorities for 2018 include:

  • Supporting the third International Year of the Reef, bringing focus to initiatives that engage people around the world in understanding, appreciating and protecting reefs
  • Surveying and reporting on 100 reef sites
  • Launching Reef Ambassadors on the Sunshine Coast
  • Building on Reef Ambassador programs in Brisbane and Townsville
  • Releasing a series of Ocean Action Kits to help you do more great work for oceans
  • Launching a new website to make it easier for you to join us on the journey




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Why donate?

Our reefs are in trouble. The good news is that while people are causing reef decline, we also hold the solutions. Everyday, we choose optimism, empowerment and action. That's why we do what we do. You can help.

RCA programs are overseen by a small, incredibly committed staff with the goal to support an amazing network of volunteers who want to change the world (starting with their local community) for the better. We're talking some seriously inspiring people. Your donations help make that happen. 

Funds raised help people help reefs through our three core program activities:

  • Inspiring reef-minded people: We connect people with reef science by providing an unbiased source of accessible, meaningful and accurate information about reef health.
  • Engaging volunteers in reef health monitoring: We foster best-practice reef citizen science programs by providing our volunteers with the training, resources and networks to collect and share globally-standardised reef health data for science and management.
  • Empowering local conservation action for the Reef: We create opportunities for people and communities to identify how they can help tackle reef health issues with local on-ground action through knowledge, tools, resources and support


Supporter stories 

We're constantly humbled by the amazing people who are helping empower more great work for the Reef. 

This rockstar team at Marine Aquarium Fanatics Australia recently raised over $3000 through their charity fundraiser, giving back to the ocean resources they enjoy.

 Reef Check Australia champion, Alexis, took on her own challenge to help address the challenges facing the Reef. Her mission was to cycle 90 kilometres through the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in the inaugural Bowral Classic to raise funds for the Reef and the activities of amazing Reef Check Australia volunteers. "I chose this organization in the hopes that getting people involved in monitoring the health of the reef, will encourage them to pressure their respective leaders to take steps to limit global warming and the resulting damage to the reef. I am honoured to be a part of this inaugural ride and helping a great cause."  -Alexis


Our promise

1. We are committed to ethical and professional fundraising practices that benefit people and the planet.

2. We honour the time, trust and contributions of our supporters.

3. Donated funds are used to support our mission (at least 85% of funding goes straight back to program.

4. We will keep your information confidential, unless you wish acknowledgement and recognition for donations.

5. You can access Reef Check annual financial statements and other documents on the website or by request.

6. We will aim to provide prompt and truthful answers about our finances and governance. 

7. Our staff act with the greatest transparency, integrity and discernment in implementing Reef Cheek's mission for the best interests of the community. 

Reef Check Australia (Reef Check Foundation Ltd) is a registered Environmental Organisation and Australian Charity with tax deductible gift recipient status. ABN: 46 108 200 933


More than money

Want to help but not sure about handing over your hard-earned cash? Time is money too. Volunteers are the core of our organisation and we're always appreciative of your valuable skills and efforts!  Find out about how you can help.


Reef Check finances

Please contact us for audited financial statements.