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"I congratulate the management and staff of Reef Check Australia on their protocols, projects, resources, leadership, initiative, and especially their commitment to coral reef monitoring. By embedding the Reef Check Australia data gathering methods within our local and international projects, the University of Sunshine Coast students have developedreal-world and life long skills to be able to assist established and emerging tourism destinations in better understanding and managing their most valuable coastal and marine attractions."  - Dr Gayle Mayes, Researcher for the Sustainability Research Centre and Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Business for the University of the Sunshine Coast 

We currently offer part time or full-time courses in Townsville, Cairns, Port Douglas, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane several times each year. Please contact training@reefcheckaustralia.org for more information.


  1. Introduction & Methods
  2. Substrate ID
  3. Invertebrate & Impacts
  4. Fish

The first three modules are the core course, including classroom theory components and hands-on training in the field (on SCUBA or snorkel). Once you have completed training modules 1-3, find out how to build on your skills and get invovled in our fish survey training courses (Module 4). 

Our training is a fun way to meet new people interested in reef conservation, find out more about our beautiful reefs, improve your dive skills and actively get involved in scientific research. At the end of the course, both snorkelers and SCUBA divers will receive a Reef Check EcoDiver certification and be eligible to join our teams of surveyors out there in the water, collecting the important data we need to protect and rehabilitate our reefs.

The Reef Check EcoDiver qualification is recognised by the International global network of Reef Check programs, which allows you participate in survey expeditions at research sites all over the world! (Some locations may require additional training to learn regional indicators).

Find out about the requirements and activities involved in training as a Reef Check snorkeller or SCUBA diver. 

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