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The Reef Check Australia monitoring program acts as an early warning system for coral community health. Annual surveys provide long-term data that can reveal patterns over time. Trained community volunteers collect quantitative data on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Southeast Queensland coral habitats. Data include substrate percent cover, abundance of key invertebrate species and target fish species. Data on natural and anthropogenic impacts on coral community health are also recorded. The Reef Check method is used which is used in 90 countries world-wide, making these results directly comparable across the globe. The spatial extent of the data collected spans from Great Barrier Reef (Port Douglas to Airlie Beach) to South-East Queensland (Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast).

Quantitative, integer, discrete (e.g number of fish, invertebrates etc).
Percentage (e.g. percent coral cover)
Categorical (e.g. siltation level: low, medium, high)

While we encourage stakeholders to use the data collected by our volunteers, we would like to do this in a set framework. If you are interested in gaining access to our raw data, please sign the following data user agreement and return it to us signed at support@reefcheckaustralia.org or to Reef Check Australia, P.O Box 13204 George St Brisbane QLD 4003.

Download data licence deed final.pdf