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Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans

Our company

Reef Check Foundation Ltd (trading as Reef Check Australia) is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status and is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations. 


Our Vision:

A world where informed, engaged and empowered communities are stewards of healthy reefs. 


Mission Statement:

We empower people to champion healthy Australian reefs through robust citizen science, inspiring educational experiences, and tangible local conservation action. 


Core principles

Our work is driven by these core principles -

  • We believe in volunteers. RCA is an inclusive, citizen science organisation. Our primary purpose is to engage volunteers in hands-on reef research, education and practical conservation. 
  • In science we trust. We support and promote environmental initiatives with proven benefits for reef health, but we are not a political or advocacy group. 
  • We are optimistic. Our approach focuses on what can be done rather than what cannot. Our messaging is positive and we aspire to inspire locally-based action driven by the vision of individuals and communities. 
  • We strive for excellence. We are open to learning and continuing questing to enhance our positive impact .  
  • We think collaboration multiplies results. We partner with other organisations on projects with practical on-ground marine outcomes. 
  • We help people help reefs. Individuals and communities armed with the necessary skills, knowledge and support can drive positive change for our reefs.  



INSPIRING Reef-minded people: We connect people with reef science by providing an unbiased source of accessible, meaningful and accurate information about reef health.

ENGAGING volunteers in reef health monitoring: We foster best-practice reef citizen science programs by providing our volunteers with the training, resources and networks to collect and share robust reef health data for science and management.

EMPOWERING local conservation action for the Reef: We create opportunities for people and communities to identify how they can help tackle reef health issues with local on-ground action through knowledge, tools, resources and support.

BUILDING a strong RCA: We strive for excellence with innovative financial, program and governance models that deliver best value for our network.