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Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans

Our company

Reef Check Foundation Ltd (trading as Reef Check Australia) is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status and is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations. 


Our Vision:

Healthy and sustainable coral reefs supported by an engaged and informed public.


Mission Statement:

To promote healthy coral reefs through scientific research, community education and marine conservation. 


Core values

1. Empowering and engaging the community in coral reef conservation and decision-making.

2. Collaborating and cooperating with other partners to achieve our vision.

3. Maximising stakeholder benefits with minimal cost.

4. Acting with professionalism and integrity at all times.

5. Aspiring to excellence and striving for innovation in all our activities.



1)  To generate and publish select coral reef data that is highly valued by scientists and Natural Resource Mangers on local, national and international scales.

2)  To provide access to select reef health data that is approachable and engaging to the general public.

3)  To generate and distribute select reef health data that is useful for tourism partners.

4)  To create meaningful opportunities for the public to engage in coral reef conservation.

5)  To help the public understand the value of coral ecosystems and threats to reef health.

6)  To produce high-quality educational and public awareness programs that catalyse behaviour change and promote sustainable practices that help to protect our marine environment.

7)  To enhance Reef Check Australia's credibility, promote our reputation nationwide.

8)  To progress towards a position of financial sustainability.

9)  To facilitate collaborative partnerships that support and reinforce the Reef Check Australia vision.