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Welcome to the new RCA CEO

Reef Check Australia is excited to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Melissa Bos, and the launch of our endeavor to innovate the business model used to support our mission of "empowering people to save our reefs and oceans." 

All of Reef Check Australia's success to date has been accomplished by a small but passionate team, hundreds of volunteers, a supportive and engaged Board of Directors, and strong partnerships. Grants have funded key projects, but grant funding is cyclical and inadequate to support our vision for the future of Australia's reefs and people. The Board of Directors and the committed long-term staff - Jenn and Jodi - made the progressive decision to evolve the organisation by considering new funding models beyond grants.

The new CEO role has been created to transform the business model by which Reef Check Australia operates. Jenn, as General Manager, and Jodi, as Community Engagement Officer, will remain in their current positions and retain their current responsibilities. Melissa, as the new CEO, will facilitate a participatory business scoping process to identify and actualize new and innovative funding streams to support citizen science and education for the reefs of Australia.

Melissa Bos is a global leader and pioneer in marine conservation finance. With 15 years experience in coral reef science, management, and finance across Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and the Caribbean, Melissa brings a grounded yet innovative perspective on the future of coral reef conservation. Melissa has worked across the sectors including academia, non-profits, governments, and private firms.

Melissa's full biography can be explored at www.marineconservationfinance.com. Melissa will be working part-time in her new CEO role and can be reached at melissa@reefcheckaustralia.org.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to provide input into Reef Check Australia's new directions.

Reef Check Australia Ambassadors

We are currently developing our first pilot Reef Check Ambassadors program! This interactive course will train community volunteers to deliver inspiring and engaging presentations about reef ecology, key findings from our volunteer survey teams, and reef conservation activities.

Moreton Bay program to launch in 2015 thanks to support from the Redland City Council Community Grants Program!  

Want to get involved? Contact jenn@#mce_temp_url#!

GBR Survey Season

Our Great Barrier Reef survey season will be underway from March to August 2015. Stay tuned or see how you can get involved!