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Apr 23, 2017

Summit County Citizens Voice

Sea level rise overwhelming some coral reefs
Summit County Citizens Voice
A sea turtle swims lazily along a coral reef in Hawaii, trailed by tropical fish. (Photo by Kosta Stamoulis, courtesy Oregon State University via Flickr.) Seafloor erosion outpacing expectations. Staff Report. Coral reefs aren't just threatened by ...
Decline of coral reefs leads to sinking sea floor - World - NZ Herald ...New Zealand Herald

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Apr 22, 2017

Nature World News

Rising Sea Levels, Sea Floor Erosions Could Negatively Affect Coral Reefs, Coastal Communities
Nature World News
Rising sea levels, partnered by sea floor erosions, have already increased the water depths more than what scientists previously thought. (Photo : Donald Miralle/Getty Images). A new study by the US Geological Survey revealed that coral reefs are ...

Apr 20, 2017

United States Geological Survey (press release)

Sea Floor Erosion in Coral Reef Ecosystems Leaves Coastal ...
United States Geological Survey (press release)
In the first ecosystem-wide study of changing sea depths at five large coral reef tracts in Florida, the Caribbean and Hawai'i, U.S. Geological Survey researchers ...
Coral reefs cannot grow fast enough to keep pace with rising sea levels, finds studyThe Independent

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Apr 17, 2017

Honour for Select Coral Sea Veterans
Imagery Scanned from Navy Historic Archive HMAS Australia II after the "Coral Sea" battle. Photo: Royal Australian Navy. Surviving Australian veterans of the Battle of the Coral Sea will be flown to New York next month to commemorate the battle's 75th ...

Apr 12, 2017

Illegal Vietnamese fishing vessel apprehended in the Coral Sea
A Vietnamese fishing vessel and its crew of 15 men suspected of illegally fishing in the Coral Sea has been apprehended. The vessel was found to have a substantial amount of bĂȘche-de-mer (sea cucumber) on board when it was raided by the Australian ...

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Courier Mail

Australian Border Force catch 15 illegal Vietnamese fishermen in Coral Sea
Courier Mail
AUSTRALIAN Border Force officers have apprehended 15 illegal Vietnamese fishermen in the Coral Sea and escorted them to Gladstone, where they will be charged. An aerial patrol of Australian waters spotted their boat on April 6 near Saumarez Reef, ...

Apr 3, 2017

The North Coast Journal (blog)

TL;DR: Adventures on the Coral Sea
The North Coast Journal (blog)
This week we took a deep dive into the rich history of Humboldt State University's research vessel, uncovering an exciting past of treasure hunters and cocaine smugglers. Here's a glimpse into the Coral Sea's past in four bullet points. Air Traffic ...

Mar 30, 2017

Past Lives of the Coral Sea
The North Coast Journal
Photo by Sam Armanino; The Coral Sea sits at its dock at the end of the Eureka Harbor. The ship is chartered by not only the university but many different agencies for research on the North Coast. After sitting neglected in a Florida harbor for weeks ...

Mar 27, 2017

Military base-building destroys coral reefs in the South China Sea
Greg Asner, a global ecologist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, writes about his recent field survey in the Spratly Islands. Military base-building destroys coral reefs in the South China Sea. The Spratly Islands, located in the South China Sea ...

Mar 24, 2017

BBC News

'Devastating' coral loss in South China Sea - scientists
BBC News
Scientists are warning of another "devastating" loss of coral due to a spike in sea temperatures. They say 40% of coral has died at the Dongsha Atoll in the South China Sea. Nothing as severe has happened on Dongsha for at least 40 years, according to ...
Huge coral bleaching event in South China Sea warns of global devastation triggered by climate change, suggests studyThe Independent
South China Sea coral reefs in hot waterThe Star Online
Hot Water in South China Sea Causes Mass Coral BleachingThe News Lens International (press release)

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