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How can you donate?

There are several options for financial contributions to Reef Check Australia. Donations directly support our programs and are tax deductible.

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Reef Check Australia (Reef Check Foundation Ltd) is a registered Environmental Organisation and Australian Charity with tax deductible gift recipient status. ABN: 46 108 200 933


Why donate?

Reefs around the world are in trouble. Estimates are that 20% of reefs have been destroyed and 25% are currently in immediate danger. The good news is that reefs are resilient and if we endeavour to reduce our impacts, then they can recover. It's important to have long-term monitoring data to understand how reefs may be changing over time and just how effective are our efforts to protect them. Reef Check Australia data can help to fill gaps in what we know about reefs by collecting data in many places that may not otherwise be monitored and by providing our data to the International Reef Check program to help create a larger understanding of global reef health. Sharing our data with communities through education programs and events helps faciltiate better understanding and empowers people to get involved. 

No matter where we live, each of us is closely connected to reefs & oceans. Oceans cover nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface. They shape our climate and help to produce the very air we breathe. Oceans nourish our stomachs and our souls. Reefs are an essential ocean habitat, harbouring 25% of marine species even though they cover less than one percent of the earth's surface. Reefs protect our shorelines from storms and waves, provide invaluable medical resources, act as a living museum documenting our past, produce billions of dollars through tourism, harbour incredible biodiversity and create living ocean habitats for other creatures. We can do something for them.

Our organisation is almost exclusively volunteer-based and grant funded. Your donation can help to support on-ground volunteer activities and make our positive impacts bigger and better. We believe in protecting reefs and oceans by empowering volunteers. We believe that there is hope for our reefs if we work together to take action through meaningful volunteer research, community education and grassroots conservation efforts.

Find out more about the status and threats to Australian reefs through the resources below:

Reefs at Risk Revisted

Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014


Our promise

We are committed to ethical and professional fundraising practices that benefit people and the planet.

We value our volunteer members, corporate partners, and individual donors - big and small.

We honour the time, trust and contributions by all those helping make marine life count! 

Promise to our donors:

  1. We will ensure that donated funds are used as intended by the donor.
  2. We will keep your information confidential, unless you wish acknowledgement and recognition for donations.
  3. We will not share or sell your information to any 3rd party.
  4. You can access Reef Check annual financial statements and other documents on the website or by request.
  5. You have the right to ask questions of Reef Cheek Australia and to expect prompt, truthful, and complete answers in an easy-to-understand manner.
  6. You have the right to know who our Staff and Board Members are, and to expect that they act with the greatest transparency, integrity and discernment in implementing Reef Cheek's mission for the best interests of the community. 


More than money

Want to help but not sure about handing over your hard-earned cash? Time is money too. Volunteers are the core of our organisation and we're always appreciative of your valuable skills and efforts!  Find out about how you can help.


Reef Check finances

Please contact us for the 2014-15 audited financial statements.