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"We rely heavily on Reef Check data when we prepare the 'Status of Coral Reefs of the World' reports. Their teams often get to places that government officials cannot. This increases our coverage and detail in these invaluable global reports that decision makers are using to set policy for the management of reefs around the world." Dr. Clive Wilkinson, Global Co-ordinator | Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Our data is free, it's public, it's unbiased and it's valuable.

The main focus of our research is to provide valuable data on the health of Australian reefs. This data provides an important "early warning" to coral reef managers about any changes on the Reef. Through our Reef Health Database, this data is easier to input, report on and provide to people who can use it.

Season Reports

The latest 2014 season reports are available for download!

Reef Check Australia South East Queensland Season Summary Report 2013

Reef Check Australia Great Barrier Reef 2014 Season Summary Report

Reef Check Australia Heron Reef Health Report 2014

Please see our Publications page for additional reports and papers.


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Reef Check Australia's reports have been available through Google Earth to the general public, coral reef managers and scientists for some time. With our new database, we can now provide the raw data and almost immediate feedback on the coral reef surveys that we complete.


Our community-based reef health monitoring program helps to support ongoing efforts to understand and protect the valuable and extensive reef ecosystems in Queensland.  We work closely with government and non-government groups to best target our priority monitoring sites and provide useful opportunties to fill gaps in reef health knowledge. Data provides important comparisons for the Reef Check International contributions to the Status of Coral Reefs of the World reports from the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network.  We are constantly striving to find meaningful data applications that help support government and academic reef monitoring efforts.