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Current Coral Affairs

We have collected recent news about reef topics from around the world. Click on a link to see more about that news story.

Feb 1, 2015

New study predicts Great Barrier Reef's death - Asian Correspondent

Jan 31, 2015

Tynemouth's Blue Reef aquarium unveils UK version of the Great Barrier Reef - ChronicleLive

Scuba skydiving parachutes straight into the sea on Great Barrier Reef - Daily Mail

Jan 30, 2015

Local researchers expect coral reef recovery - KITV Honolulu

Waters muddied over Great Barrier Reef health - Government News

How scaring starfish could help to save the Great Barrier Reef - The Conversation AU

South Dade Boys Soccer Eliminated, Coral Reef Advances - South Dade News Leader (subscription)

Oceans Life. Secret Cities Of The Sea & A Live Coral Reef At Natural History ... - Yareah Magazine

Jan 29, 2015

Share a passion for diving? Head to Belize Coral Reef or the Mafia Island - Economic Times

Public Release: 28-Jan-2015 Into the dark: Two new encrusting anemones ... - EurekAlert (press release)

Jan 28, 2015

Great Barrier Reef faces prospect of UNESCO 'in danger' listing unless ... - Courier Mail

Seychelles-Based Study Gives Hope for Coral Reef Resilience Against Global ... - Seychelles News Agency

Jan 27, 2015

Company ordered to pay $90000 for fishing in Ningaloo reef reserve - The Guardian

Queensland election 2015: Great Barrier Reef election scorecard awaits LNP's ... - ABC Online

Jan 26, 2015

London welcomes Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea - Superbreak

Jan 25, 2015

Australia bans waste dumping near Great Barrier Reef after Unesco threat to ... - The Independent

Jan 24, 2015

Australia's GBR coral coverage can decline to less than 10%: study warns - Uncover Michigan

Jan 23, 2015

Greg Hunt on offensive with Great Barrier Reef ban - The Australian

Jan 21, 2015

Pioneer Study Examines Declining Coral Reef Health Due to Pesticides/Sea ... - Newswise (press release)

Jan 20, 2015

Subway cars used to create artificial coral reef habitats in the Atlantic - The Weather Network