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Current Coral Affairs

We have collected recent news about reef topics from around the world. Click on a link to see more about that news story.

Mar 29, 2015

Queensland Coal Delivers Final Knell to Great Barrier Reef - Malibu Times (blog)

Mar 28, 2015

Australia's Terrific Barrier Reef succeeded in restored fish populations to level - Customs Today Newspaper

Roundup: Wildcats top Coral Reef - Ocala

Natural History Museum's Coral Reef Exhibition Lacks Depth - Londonist

Global coral reef survey highlights climate threat - RTCC

Global coral reef survey highlights climate threat - RTCC

Make the most of a Southern Great Barrier Reef visit - Toowoomba Chronicle

Mar 27, 2015

3D Satellite Mapping of Coral Sea Reefs - Hydro International

Great Barrier Reef protection zones help boost fish stocks 'to pre-European times' - The Guardian

Great Barrier Reef recovers with help of fishing exclusion zones - ABC Online

Twice the coral trout in Great Barrier Reef protected zones - (e) Science News (press release) (registration)

Mar 25, 2015

Marine biogeochemistry Calcification changes - Nature.com

Street view of the sea floor will help save coral reefs - The Times (subscription)

Coral reef fish changes colour to match its preys - FIS

Mar 24, 2015

British tourist drowned on Great Barrier Reef on her first scuba dive - Daily Mail

The Great Barrier Reef is under siege - Washington Post

Australia presenta un plan para conservar la Gran Barrera de Coral - El Comercio

Mar 23, 2015

New Coral Sea shipping routes proposed - IHS Maritime 360

Lyme disease, polar bears, coral reefs and climate - Burlington County Times

Mar 21, 2015

Tony Abbott unveils plan to save Great Barrier Reef - The Guardian