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Adopt a Coral Colony

Tiny polyps work together to build their home, the Coral Colony. The polyps are intractly linked, sharing food, shelter and stress.  Together they build homes and offer protection to other living creatures, being the architects of coral reefs.

Join our regular giving program. For a $25 monthly donation, your name will be posted on the Reef Check Australia website as an Adopt a Coral Colony supporter for the financial year and you will receive a Certificate of Support for your adopted coral colony. You will also receive our annual sustainable Reef Check gift. 

Proceeds support our volunteer reef health monitoring and education programs.

Reef Check Australia is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Visit GiveNow to sign up for a $25 monthly giving program.

Adopt a coral colony

Adopt a Coral Colony and help build something bigger!