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Adopt a Coral Bommie

Coral bommies are stand-alone coral structures that can be as small as a beachball or as big as a car. They are structural stepping stones, offering refuge and homes for many marine organisms in the maze of reef structures. These reef structures are named after the aboriginal word bombora, meaning outcrop or mountain of reef.

Join our regular giving program. For a $45 monthly donation, your name will be posted on the Reef Check Australia website as an Adopt a Coral Bommie supporter for the financial year and you you will be acknowledged in our Annual report. You will also receive and you will receive a Certificate of Support for your adopted coral bommie and our annual sustainable Reef Check gift pack.

Proceeds support our volunteer reef health monitoring and education programs.

Reef Check Australia is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Visit GiveNow to sign up for a $45 monthly giving program.

Adopt a coral bommie


Adopt a Coral Bommie and help bring the reef to life.

Help us build a bigger, better Reef Check community by adopting a Coral Bommie today!